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Sales has changed and the high paced innovation in digital technology only strengthened the networking aspects of the trade. We have to monitor every sales data, we have to motivate our sales team with scientific methods and we also have to constantly communicate with our prospects. So far, a sales director only had to have excellent people skills, but this is changing. If you don’t have insights to the shift in culture, to the technology or to the behavioral science, you will be left behind.

98% of our participants would come again and would also recommend SalesTech to others.

SalesTech programmes:

successful sales in digital culture


SalesTech Budapest


Our annual big event, where alongside 250+ guest you can learn about the most significant sales trends and challenges with 15 amazing TED-like presentations and 9 interactive workshops. The presentations are thought provoking, concrete, fascinating, while the workshops are trying to focus on the practise, and on solving everyday problems. We provide outstanding hungarian and international professionals.


Non-conference, where you can meet more than 100 similar minded sales managers, business developers and marketing professionals but there won’t be any presentations or lectures, only topics. 9 tracks, 9 subjects and 18 exceptional professionals, who are responsible of organizing, leading and structuring the talks.

27th September
Budapest Music Center
Mátyás utca 8, Budapest

SalesTech Budapest


Sales is a trade. We established SalesTech Budapest to create an industry-independent professional forum for sales directors. Motivation, pipeline management, lead generation, client rating, client education, use of CRM or the use of social media affects all sales directors. Technology and online tools are deeply imbedded in all fields of sales. These demand not only technological skills but also a new approach. Sales is not changing because of the new technology, but rather because the new technology has changed the environment that has surrounded sales. This change doesn’t mean the adaptation to the new technology, like in the case of the typewriter, but rather the adaptation to the new culture. And this is what SalesTech Budapest is all about.

It is no news to anyone that big data is completely changing the industry, we all have been listening to this in the past 5 years. The big amount of data is quite important for the sales department, but it is not the key. The break-through is achieved by automatically processing this data with the help of artificial intelligence. It still seems far away, but in a few years artificial intelligence will complement our work and sometimes even take over our most time-consuming tasks. This is the next area of business, that creates the biggest added value.

Content sharing, client education in the online world, inbound lead generation a.k.a. the relationship between sales and marketing.

The customers always look for information online and ask their fiends and family about it. 70% of them have already decided about the purchase way before they even get into contact with a sales person. There is only one way to win: sales has to cooperate with marketing.

Adapting to the new culture demands improvement in a lot of fields. We still have a lot to learn about the use of the digital tools and softwares, big data, self-branding, team management and motivation systems. The size and number of the new information is exponentially growing and the only way we can effectively process them is by empowering our whole team to improve and grow.



We offer 15 minute TED-like presentations regarding 3 subjects, then participants will be able to choose from 3, 41 minute-long workshops, where they will learn about the given topics more profoundly.  After the workshops they will be able to join different discussions.

  • SalesTech Budapest 2018
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07:50-09:29 REGISTRATION

8:32-8:42 / FUCK-UP Péter Civin, Brand and Marketing Communication Director, Telenor Magyarország

8:30–8:54 / WORKSHOP Éva Virág Uzsák, Market Lead – AON Hungary
Hogyan adjunk el, ha az értékesítőink nem salesek?

8:30-9:21 / SHARE VEZETETT BESZÉLGETÉS Zoltan Hajdu, founder, CEO – Smartstaff
The Key to Closing: a Detailed Sales Strategy


9:40-10:00 Jan Rezab, Founder & CEO – Time is Ltd.
Lessons from Building All Digital Companies

Jan will talk about how they grew the sales team at the company he founded - Socialbakers in the digital and social age, and how they used data and software to connect sales and marketing. Jan will also talk about the experience building several companies sales teams over the years, and how it links via social media, what are the best practices in integrating sales teams and digital in 2018, and how to manage and scale sales teams moving forward through data, insights, and tools.

10:02–10:17 Rita Veres, Chapter Director – Singularity University
Changing Exponentially or Back to Basics?

10:19–10:34 Norbert Sepp, Watson and AI ambassador – IBM
AI Human Integration

10:36-10:51 Balázs Vinnai, Chief Digital Officer – Finastra
Digital Transformation in Banking

10:53-11:08 Róbert Byssz, Global Sales Transformation Director – Philips Health
How Not to Fail in the World of Digital Transformation?

Elenyésző számú pozitív példán kívül szinte minden cégről, aki nagy hanggal belekezd a digitális transzformációba néhány éven belül kijelenti a szaksajtó, hogy belebuktak. Akár azt is gondolhatánánk, hogy nem is lehetséges, valójában csak a startup-ok tudnak alkalmazkodni az új világhoz. Szerencsére van néhány pozitív példa, sőt olyan is, ahol Kelet-Közép-Európa állt a globális transzformáció élére. Milyen lépéseket tettünk a Philipsnél azért, hogy kelet-közép-európai transzformáció váljon globálisan a leggyorsabbá és legeredményesebbé?


11:22-12:13 / WORKSHOP Salesforce Workshop by United Consult
Salesforce Workshop by United Consult

11:22-12:13 / WORKSHOP von Bartheldné Ábri Judit, Magyar Judit, Csényi Csaba
Motivational Maps

11:22-12:13 / WORKSHOP Gabor Toldi, Hungarian Partner – Socialtalent
Social Selling in Practice

11:22–11:44 / SZEKCIÓELŐADÁS Károly Szőke, Managing Director – Protocall Kft.

11:12–13:02 / INNOVATION LAB Balázs Vendler, Founder, CEO – Games for Business
Games for Business

11:12–13:02 / INNOVATION LAB David Szilágyi, Founder, CEO –

11:12–13:02 / INNOVATION LAB Gergely Kalydi, Founder – Talk-A-Bot

11:12–13:02 / INNOVATION LAB Maz Nadjm, Founder, CEO – Soampli


11:12–13:02 / INNOVATION LAB Socialtalent

13:02-14:30 Szűcs Júlia, Senior Manager – Ernst & Young
A blokk házigazdája

13:07-13:22 Ildikó Jankovich, Managing Director – Heinemann Duty Free
How Millenial Shopping Culture Disrupts the Retail Space

13:24-13:39 Huszák Tamás, Magyar Telekom – Region Leader, Central Hungary
Válaszd csak a jókat!

Az elmúlt években sok kihívás elé állította a munkaerőpiac a munkáltatókat. A megszokott toborzási rutinok eredménytelenekké váltak. Változtatni kellett mind a toborzási, mind a kiválasztási módszertanokon. Mindezt úgy, hogy az üzleti vezetők számára minél hatékonyabb, a jelöltek számára pedig minél gyorsabb és élményszerűbb legyen a kiválasztási folyamat. Erre a helyzetre válaszként alakítottunk ki egy új toborzási folyamatot az értékesítői hálózatunkban, melyben helyet kap egy serious game és a videóinterjú is.

13:41-13:56 Csaba Masek, Sales Training and Development Leader – Generali Biztosító
Online RPG? No! Modern onboarding!

13:58–14:13 Laura Komócsin, owner, CEO – Business Coach Kft.
The Leader as the Drive Behind Performance

14:23-14:38 Gabor Pósfai, Country Manager – Decathlon Austria
Growth by enablement


14:47-15:38 / WORKSHOP Csaba Szabó, CEO & Zsolt Pozvai, Founder, International CEO – DEVELOR
Sales Effeciency by Training & Design

Egy valós esettanulmányon keresztül bemutatjuk, hogy miként lehet az értékesítők fejlesztése révén nagyfokú, tartós értékesítési hatékonyságot elérni.

15:14 -15:36 / SZEKCIÓELŐADÁS Gábor Toldi, Founder, SalesTech
The biggest sales failure of my carreer

14:47-15:38 / WORKSHOP Aleksandar Stojanovic, Inbound Growth Specialist, Italy and Central & Eastern Europe – Hubspot & Bukits Róbert, Founder, CEO – Infinityn International
Grow Better, Not Just Bigger with HubSpot and Infinityn – How to Start Spinning Your Business Flywheel

You need to get new customers and make existing customers happy to grow your business. The problem is, the way that your customers shop and buy things has changed. With so much content available online the power has shifted from sellers to buyers. Organizations that fail to adapt to this change struggle and fail to grow. To grow better, companies must meet their customers on their terms and delight them throughout the buyers journey. From initial research, to purchase, to post-sale customer experience; great service makes happy customers. The rotation of the digital flywheel represents the growth of your business. Happy customers provide the energy that fuels that growth. Let's put theory into practice and start creating your own company's flywheel strategy right away in our workshop. Let's Grow Better, together.

14:47-15:38 / WORKSHOP Beata Balla & Hilda Plesztovics-Mikó, founders – Blossom
Play Free and Break the Bank! – Winning Strategy to Successful Sales


16:03-16:18 Piotr Mrozinski, LinkedIn Sales Solutions Team Lead Nordics and Emerging Markets – LinkedIn
How to Use LinkedIn as a Sales Powerhouse?

16:20-16:35 Maz Nadjm, Founder – Soampli
Social Selling on Steroids

16:37-16:45 Róbert Litauszki, Managing Director – Huntraco
How technology helps automatic lead generation?

16:47-16:59 Gergely Kalydi, founder, fixer – Talk-A-Bot
What Happens When the First Human Contact in Our Business Is a Chatbot?

17:01-17:16 Viktor Kovács, Strategic Marketing Director – K&H Bank
Case Study: Totally Unexpected Result from Detailed Planning Skyrocketing Sales Leads


We would like to offer the best experience possible for all of our participants. The normal ticket grants you access to all of our programs except for the ones in the Leader’s Lounge. The VIP ticket is for participants who prefer everything on a premium level. You should choose the VIP, if you would rather buy the extra or premium equipped car instead of the standard.

Sales suppliers and sales, HR service providers can only participate in the conference only with a suppliers’ ticket. Provider ticket price is 149500 Ft. If you would like to participate as provider please get in contact with us via email.

The prices mentioned are net prices.

SalesTech Budapest
2018 VIP

The VIP ticket to Salestech Budapest. VIP ticket grants you access to every programme, you will have priority application and garanteed space for the workshops, whole-day parking at the venue and admission to the programs at the Leader’s Lounge.

129 500 Ft

Full price ticket: 129 500 Ft

SalesTech Budapest

Ticket for the SalesTech Budapest (27 September). With this ticket you will have access to all of the discussions, presentations, workshops and the evening networking program, except the programs at the Leader’s Lounge.

89 500 Ft

Full price ticket: 89 500 Ft


Full House

2 VIP and 3 normal ticket to SalesTech Budapest. With this offer you get access to every panel discussions, presentations, workshops, to the evening networking programme, and guests with VIP ticket get access to the Leaders’ Lounge as well.

499 500 Ft

Full price ticket: 499 500 Ft


Bermuda 🔺

1 VIP and 2 normal ticket to SalesTech Budapest. Access to every panel disuccions, presentations, workshops, to the evening networking programme, and guests with VIP ticket will get acess to the Leaders’ Lounge programme as well.

299 500 Ft

Full price ticket: 299 500 Ft

Sales strategist

What you missed out on in 2017


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Budapest Music Center
1093 Budapest, Mátyás utca 8.